Thursday, April 02, 2009

Have you been doing much?

This is the question that is usually asked when two or more cyclists meet for a ride.
The answer varies, but normally goes along the lines of, 'not much or a little bit'.

As cyclists we are proud of the miles we rack up in search of progression but at the same time it pays to play your hand close to our chest now and again. However there is always one guy, who will swear blind he hasn't ridden in months and then proceeds to tear the legs off everyone else in the group.
And that's just another one of the little things I love about cycling.

I have just come back from the first chaingang of the year, and even though it's the slower of the two in the club, the speed never dipped below 20mph on a tight circuit with one too many corners for comfort.
On the last lap, my turns on the front were coming round a bit too fast for my liking, then the gap to the wheel in front opens, which means you worker harder than you want to just to keep up. But, you don't get dropped. You go into the red, you pull your turn, keep it smooth for the sake of those around you and hope the burning in your legs dies down just a little by the time you're next on the front.
Either that or you pray for a puncture.