Saturday, June 30, 2012

We've had some weather.


Lack of writing on here generally means life is being lived else where. Let's see, in no particular order;
Having more responsibility at work has a few perks, being a key-holder means after werk wrenching sessions. At this time of year thoughts will always turn towards the coming cyclocross season, I won't be racing much this time but that doesn't stop me helping others do so. In this case a handbuilt tubular wheelset finished and ready to be glued.

Enjoying planning my next couple of bike builds, even already gathering parts despite the build date for one still almost a year away. This time going Dura Ace but not totally in the traditional sense. The hardest decision is always what colour to get - still not 100% sure on either build.

Our big trip is basically all booked and done, now just to enjoy the Summer before jetting off. On the subject of the weather, I still can't believe people who constantly complain about our Summers. We live in Northern England, it's always going to be like this - deal with it, I don't mind the odd bit of rain and all these people do is complain about being too hot when the sun does come out. Not bothered.

Might be time for another of these:

 Elitist Belgian Beer Drinking or Wifebeater?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A lot of my photos look the same each year from these races,

Otley town centre races

still wouldn't miss it for any reason.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So much happened.

Half Man Half Biscuit live.
Having the perfect fucking wedding.
Unbelievable generosity from our nearest and dearest.
Seeing the people we love.
Getting on to one of my favourite frame-builders waiting list.
Spending time together as a married couple.
Getting on the iphone bandwagon.

And Campag bloody corkscrews!


Thursday, June 07, 2012

Be careful...

...not to take for granted the things you would have died for yesterday.

I'm taking a few days off from the internet world, got some important business I need to attend to.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Stag Century.

Well over 100 miles door to door. Bacon Sarnies to start. Round Masham, over the moors to Pateley, up and down dale to Ilkley before along the valley bottom to home. Fun times out on open road. Pint of Theakston's Best in Masham. Before leaving Chris who still managed his longest ride ever. Unbelievably hard climbs past reservoirs on tops. Incredible descent to Lofthouse - almost unimaginable to climb it. Greenhow - bottom gear, seated all the way. Rewarded with the views. Beautiful roads in Wharfdale. Managing to score bbq food at ADF's sister's street party in Otley. Every rise getting a little harder to ride as miles tick by. Kearby cliff being a kick when we needed it the least. Finally getting home to a couple of Stellas, laughing about it already and planning the next one.

Photos to come.

Friday, June 01, 2012

What if....

we were all honest, all of the time. If all communication was face to face and all lessons were learnt though experience rather than reading opinion.

What if bragging and envy didn't exist? What would we say?

When we organise something we take responsibility for other people, yet at the same time aren't we all adults? Does ego overtake our self-protection instinct? I don't think I'm particularly different from anyone but I have less of a problem with being different than many of my peers. I also refuse to suffer for anyone's ideals other than my own. Why should I, being your own person gives you choice, sometimes I choose not to go along with what other people think.

I've been getting an insight into road racing at both ends of the spectrum this week. From those who make money from it and are good enough to be at the sharp end of National races to others who in their own reluctance to race choose to make fun of a few people who do. In choosing not to race this year I've lost a level of fitness I had last year, that said I feel better this year than last. From January to May last year I did at least three turbo sessions a week, on an evening after a day at work and often after commuting 25 miles too. This year I'm riding because I want to and loving it because it's less serious, less structured and has gone back to the release it has always been. The turbo hasn't gone and it will be back, just not for a while.

I like the sounds in this video.