Saturday, June 30, 2012

We've had some weather.


Lack of writing on here generally means life is being lived else where. Let's see, in no particular order;
Having more responsibility at work has a few perks, being a key-holder means after werk wrenching sessions. At this time of year thoughts will always turn towards the coming cyclocross season, I won't be racing much this time but that doesn't stop me helping others do so. In this case a handbuilt tubular wheelset finished and ready to be glued.

Enjoying planning my next couple of bike builds, even already gathering parts despite the build date for one still almost a year away. This time going Dura Ace but not totally in the traditional sense. The hardest decision is always what colour to get - still not 100% sure on either build.

Our big trip is basically all booked and done, now just to enjoy the Summer before jetting off. On the subject of the weather, I still can't believe people who constantly complain about our Summers. We live in Northern England, it's always going to be like this - deal with it, I don't mind the odd bit of rain and all these people do is complain about being too hot when the sun does come out. Not bothered.

Might be time for another of these:

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