Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Always outnumbered never outgunned

Things are moving along nicely in York, much better than this time last year but the less said about that the better. Haven't been doing much towards the greater good creatively speaking, mostly trying to earn the money to buy my own darkroom set up, unless I blow everything on a bike parts!
Talking about bikes, I ride EVERYDAY. Current set up of fixed gear is granny bars and luggage rack too, have time trial bike and track bike projects on the go as well. Every chance I get I try and do more than a few miles on my road bike too. The feeling of riding gives me is indescribable. It's soothing while at the same time a massive rush.
At work, me and my fellow workers have been in the middle of industrial action for a while now. Result is a massive backlog of mail sat waiting to be delivered, not good, and doesn't lend itself to a good working environment, which is why things are in the pipeline. I learnt from Rob that working somewhere with a bad atmosphere for a long time does no-one any good at all.