Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nothing but bad luck.

Almost cut my nose off shaving last night, the shop I need to mount my photo wasn't open today and I've broken two pieces of glass out of the frames I need.

On the plus side, went to see 'Zodiac' at Hyde Park cinema. Thrilling.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


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Its all go

Last night our garden became a crime scene. Two lads had been robbing in Pudsey (about 2 miles away) and been on the run from the police, when they got to our place they decided our hedge would be a great location to dump the goods, their clothes and hide out. First thing we know about it is one police man leading one in handcuffs in the back garden while another is chasing off down the road. All in all it only lasted less than an hour, both were arrested, all the stuff found, the rest of the property searched, a quick explanation to us and then goodbye.
This week my main tasks are getting my work ready to be hung in the cafe in Brighouse, as the opening is this Saturday. Also got more appointments to view houses in York and fix up Katherine's bike.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One step closer

To having a job as a postman.
To earning money as an artist (had my first etsy sale).
To having first solo exhibit (in Brighouse cafe).
To having a comfortable saddle on my fixed gear.
To paying off my student loan debt.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

check it

new work will be added regularly.

Postman Ben

Today I went for an interview with Royal Mail, it wasn't for a specific job but to be put on the waiting list for jobs that are in York. It went ok and the more I think about it the more I wouldn't mind working there. Time will tell.
Yesterday I went to York, for the first time I took my bike. Cycled up from the racecourse, all around town and then back down the river. Got the chance to use my new lock for the first time and test out how my bag feels while riding. Both passed the test with flying colours. Although not sure I can say the same about my saddle, it may be time for an upgrade.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


These thoughts need to be written, I may or may not have touched upon this subject before, again I may or may not choose to break up this impending rant with pretty pictures.

Where do ideas come from?

I don't think there'll ever be an answer to that question. The one most people might say is 'your head' or 'your imagination'. The most important word I've just written is YOUR. This is because ideas should be your own and not somebody else's. Which brings me on to my main point of distinguishing inspiration and copying.

I once went through a stage where I thought up several amazing ideas. Slowly I found out that each one of my ideas had been done before by artists much more famous than myself. As I had not known this previously, I was not a copy, but concluded that I must have the same thought processes as these other famous artists, and therefore I myself must be a creative genius too.

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I'm not sure how true that last statement is but the more I expand my knowledge of the art world I find the same ideas being repeated time and time again.
Now, inspiration can be found in everything, and with so many people in the world its not surprising that two people who don't have any connection could think the same thought.
To use myself as an example, I have been fascinated with flat, almost monotone colour photographs recently. A day or two ago, I read a blog about someone the other side of the world who wrote exactly the same thing. Its coincidence but it feels spooky all the same.

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In this age where anyone can post what they do on the internet, poaching and copying ideas is a lot easier to do. I look at flickr everyday, and everyday I am inspired by something I see or read. I do not go out and copy other's work but their image might start a chain reaction in my imagination that leads to a new idea.
This is inspiration. If I went out and took exactly the same shot, then that is copying.

One of my main photographic passions is candid street photos using black and white film in my Holga. I'm not doing anything particularly original but I do what I do my way, and mine alone.

Being original in everything you do can be an impossible dream. One that can do more harm than good to the creative process.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My first sale.

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This image has given me my first sale from the exhibition in Leeds on Wednesday night. Thank you to whoever bought it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Birthdays. Same day every year.

On my back.
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Things were meant to kick off on tuesday night, with "This Is England", the new Shane Meddows film, but we got confused and arrived too late to get in. Gutted, however its on tonight again at Hyde park so we're going at the right time tonight. Should be a treat as I've heard nothing but good things about it.
Wednesday, my actual birthday, did the present opening thing. All good stuff. You always get less the older you get but I think the presents get better because they're more often than not useful instead of a toy that you'll get bored off in a week. This year I got the bag (above) of my dreams, a coffee grinder and Ancorman on DVD (maybe the funniest film ever made).
I went to lunch with my parents at a little Italian in Headingley called Salvos and ate far too much but it all tasted amazing. Then at night we went to the exhibition I was a part of in Leeds. It was a very swanky event with most of the audience being barristers or solicitors. It was a great atmosphere, champagne was drank, hopefully everything sold meaning money for artist and charity a like. Afterwards, yet more Italian food, where I had a bit of birthday luck, after we left I realised they hadn't billed us for our drinks.
Wound down today by sleeping off a bad head and then trying to make Brighouse look beautiful in photographs that will be exhibited in the cafe where I'm have a solo permanent 'exhibit'.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bedroom industry

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How to pass 3 1/4 hours in Leeds (or any town centre)

1. Avoid crowds
2. Walk aimlessly around
3. Visit an exhibition
4. Get a drink
5. Find a bookshop
6. Stalk old people
7. Silently judge people aka people watching
8. Window shopping
9. Avoid street sellers/charity workers
10.Daydream and/or make lists
11.Be thankful your not working

We went and met Jeffrey Brown today at a book signing in Travelling Man. Got three new books, as birthday presents and got each of them signed. He was just as I imagined from the comics...basically cool as block ice.

Monday, May 14, 2007

where everybody knows your name

Yesterday I handed in my work for the exhibition I'm a part of on wednesday night. Everything looks and feels spot on and I'm really hoping it all goes well. One thing that stuck in my mind was that the organiser remembered my name. This may not seem like a big deal but all too often little details that are important get forgotten. A lot of the time I don't accept forgetfulness as an excuse, I consider it to be rudeness. The reason is I don't forget people's names so why should others forget mine. It's a slippery slope judging other's by standards you set for yourself, and one I usually avoid, but now and again I can't help it.
Today I have a meeting with two cafe owners who would like me to hang my work on their blank walls. If everything goes ok both parties should benefit from an arrangement. By looking at the space they have and talking about what each of us want from the opportunity, a deal should be easy to come to.

Friday, May 11, 2007

homeward bound

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The amount of time we're spending in York these days makes it feel like we're already living there. We have seen a house we love but the person who is renting it seems to be the hardest person in the world to contact.
Both of us have job prospects in one form or another and the more we see the more we like.

This morning felt like I needed to make something. So ended up making a little book. Nothing complicated but blank pages waiting to be filled.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Living Room.

Living Room.
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Martin Parr can kiss my ****

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Update

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I use the word update in the loosest possible way. This weekend has pretty much had it all. Friends, driving, (not enough)riding, snooker, disappointment, sleepless nights, shit films, photo taking and good food.
Pretty short post but it'll end with some cracking advice. Next time your really pissed off find someone and play frisbee. You cannot be annoyed when playing it, and if you are all alone just watch Family Guy.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


My birthday is shaping up quite nicely already and I haven't even made any plans yet. The day before Jeffrey Brown is in town for a book signing, so am going to hit that up. For those who don't know he draws really amazing comic books about his life, mostly his love life, probably hella emo for a lot of people.
On the day itself, I'm in an exhibition in Leeds. Its by invitation only and has a silent auction to sell the work in hope of raising money for charity. All thats left is to fit a nice meal, preferably Italian, in somewhere and I'm laughing.

I always have mixed feeling about my birthday. Some years I view them as another year older and closer to death and some years I just sit back and enjoy them for just being one day in the year when you can do whatever you want.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007