Saturday, October 28, 2006

If i didn't have bad luck i'd have no luck at all

Thats right this week has been pretty shit but you don't want to read about that.
So, some good things happened too, including
- Finding out OK Comics had sold all my zines and that they wanted more.
- Issue 1 should also be up on really soon.
- Issue 2 is about to go into 'the making-of' stages.
- Finding my skeleton gloves just in time for halloween.
- Riding into town on my fixie.
Talking of bikes, i'm not sure what the student population of Leeds make of me as i pass them. I've seen the usual stares but also a lot of other cyclists having a good look and trying to figure out what i'm riding. On Tuesday i rode from Headingley to Crown Point and back, coming back up the hill infront of the Met i thought i was gonna puke. My lungs, throat and mouth were on fire and my legs were jelly. By the time i got home i could barely walk up the stairs to the flat. It felt amazing. Then yesterday went into town to hand a job application in and on the way back went so fast it was scary.
If anyone reading this has bought issue one of the zine then feedback would be greatly appreciated. You don't have to give your name and i won't reply if you don't want me too, i could just do with any suggestions or comments become issue two comes out in a month.
One last point if you ever buy a new oven don't go to Curry's. They take a week to deliver the thing and then when it finally turns up they refuse to carry the thing up the stairs to where you live. Even though thats what they're paid to do. Lazy fuckers.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Originally uploaded by Paper Thin.

Here she is, riding this bike feels awesome. Today i've been into Leeds and Headingley and back. Blasting past the stationary traffic is a weird feeling cause its easier to go faster and keep going than it is to stop and a few drivers were less than impressed at me weaving in and out near their precious cars. I'm slowly getting used to being strapped onto the pedals but have to say the best thing is the speed, i haven't got anywhere near top speed yet and already i'm over taking cars going thru 30mph speed cameras.

Other things in life are up and down as always. The roof on our building is leaking so we have damp patches on one wall growing by the day, Katherines driving is getting better every time she goes out, i'm getting more thanks but no thanks responces from jobs but at last we can access the internet from the flat. Sorry to whoever Leon is for leaching his internet connection.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Road Trip

Me and Katherine are off on a little trip today, down to Mansfield and back to hopefully pick up my new fixed gear bike. I've seen the before conversion photos but not the after shots yet so am looking forward to finally seeing the finished article and then get to ride the f**ker!
Ofcourse photos will be posted very soon on flickr.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Say something clever...

Originally uploaded by Paper Thin.

Issue Two of PaperThin zine will be called "Once more with feeling" and should be available late November.
I've been searching Flickr a lot recently (the host of the photos, like the one above, click to go to my page) and there's a hell of a lot of good, even great shit on there. Check it out.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Its really cold in out flat

Has anyone else out there noticed that people who try to be cool rarely are? Everyone is kinda cool in their own way except the people who put other down for not fitting their ideal of 'cool'.
I know at least one person reading this will think its sappy rubbish but shit like this is on my mind all the time and it fucks me over. A lot. With the influx of freshers into Leeds recently i've been forced to ask some questions, more often than not,
"What were they thinking when they thought wearing THAT would be a good idea?"
This pisses me off, not for reasons of fashion, but because i fall into the trap of judging others who aren't into the same shit as me. Now and again i have my reasons, i've overheard people shit-talking about me when i've had headphones in and they thought i couldn't hear and it hurts, even though they were stuck-up bitches.
It applies to everything eventually. Some people can't understand why others ride bikes, or choose to spend £50 getting shitfaced in a club every night or never eat meat. As for me, i'm pretty happy with who i am. I do wish somethings in my life were different, for instance. That i ate vegetables, i knew more people who'd be up for wasting hours in coffee shops, that i had a job, that i stood up for myself more and that i was good at writing. At least all those things could be achieved if i could be bothered so perhaps i better add 'wish i wasn't so lazy' to the list.
Life can get too serious sometimes and all i crave is simplicity. Give me a bike, a camera, my ipod and Katherine and i'd be happy.
So after all that i'm not sure if i'm cool or not. Its not going to bother me either way. Probably.