Saturday, October 28, 2006

If i didn't have bad luck i'd have no luck at all

Thats right this week has been pretty shit but you don't want to read about that.
So, some good things happened too, including
- Finding out OK Comics had sold all my zines and that they wanted more.
- Issue 1 should also be up on really soon.
- Issue 2 is about to go into 'the making-of' stages.
- Finding my skeleton gloves just in time for halloween.
- Riding into town on my fixie.
Talking of bikes, i'm not sure what the student population of Leeds make of me as i pass them. I've seen the usual stares but also a lot of other cyclists having a good look and trying to figure out what i'm riding. On Tuesday i rode from Headingley to Crown Point and back, coming back up the hill infront of the Met i thought i was gonna puke. My lungs, throat and mouth were on fire and my legs were jelly. By the time i got home i could barely walk up the stairs to the flat. It felt amazing. Then yesterday went into town to hand a job application in and on the way back went so fast it was scary.
If anyone reading this has bought issue one of the zine then feedback would be greatly appreciated. You don't have to give your name and i won't reply if you don't want me too, i could just do with any suggestions or comments become issue two comes out in a month.
One last point if you ever buy a new oven don't go to Curry's. They take a week to deliver the thing and then when it finally turns up they refuse to carry the thing up the stairs to where you live. Even though thats what they're paid to do. Lazy fuckers.