Saturday, October 07, 2006

Its really cold in out flat

Has anyone else out there noticed that people who try to be cool rarely are? Everyone is kinda cool in their own way except the people who put other down for not fitting their ideal of 'cool'.
I know at least one person reading this will think its sappy rubbish but shit like this is on my mind all the time and it fucks me over. A lot. With the influx of freshers into Leeds recently i've been forced to ask some questions, more often than not,
"What were they thinking when they thought wearing THAT would be a good idea?"
This pisses me off, not for reasons of fashion, but because i fall into the trap of judging others who aren't into the same shit as me. Now and again i have my reasons, i've overheard people shit-talking about me when i've had headphones in and they thought i couldn't hear and it hurts, even though they were stuck-up bitches.
It applies to everything eventually. Some people can't understand why others ride bikes, or choose to spend £50 getting shitfaced in a club every night or never eat meat. As for me, i'm pretty happy with who i am. I do wish somethings in my life were different, for instance. That i ate vegetables, i knew more people who'd be up for wasting hours in coffee shops, that i had a job, that i stood up for myself more and that i was good at writing. At least all those things could be achieved if i could be bothered so perhaps i better add 'wish i wasn't so lazy' to the list.
Life can get too serious sometimes and all i crave is simplicity. Give me a bike, a camera, my ipod and Katherine and i'd be happy.
So after all that i'm not sure if i'm cool or not. Its not going to bother me either way. Probably.