Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A little one

Its been a pretty cool day today. Had lunch at Slips Deli, took a walk in the park and spent the whole day with Katherine. Didn't take any photos though. I've got work for the next two days, hopefully my bike will be up and running by then too and i can get out and enjoy more of the sunshine thats been making an appearance.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

My bad luck is getting worse

Unfortunately my run of misfortune continues. First of all my ipod has more or less died. I've tried everything i know...been on the website...trawled the help forums but no success. I even went to the Apple shop in Leeds but as soon as they realised i didn't buy it from them, they clamed up. In fact i almost satisfied my lastest urge to punch someone but stopped short. While in town i bought the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record on vinyl in an effort to make the journey less of a waste.
Seeing how the weather had been so nice i decided to have a quick solo riding session down at route 2 this afternoon. Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse i had one of the most surprising incidents that can happen on a bmx...my chain snapped just as i started to pedal hard. Basically i ended up in a heap on top of my bike totally unaware of what had happened but with amazing pains brewing in both my legs. All of which has left me with some kind of permanent dead right leg and a left knee thats swollen up so it ressembles a tennis ball.
I don't know what can happen next except a long day at work to look forward to tomorrow.

On a cheerier note everyone should go to www.assblasters.org and read what Brian Tunney has to say. He's definitely one guy one's got his head screwed on right.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The joy of work

The Evens_9
Originally uploaded by Paper Thin.

I scanned my negatives to cd at work today. I've uploaded quite a few to Flickr but i can't wait to hand print some of them.
I also got a new record player today. Its an automatic so at the press of a button it does it all for you, which makes a change from me sprinting to stop and swap sides every 5 minutes.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

While the Kat's away the mouse will play

Today i managed to visit Silvertone and finally get the roll from The Evens gig developed as well as the two rolls i shot in Dublin. Hopefully next week i'll get the chance to print some.
As the title suggests Katherine is away for a few days in Brighton with her good friend Lisa. Naturally i'm jealous as hell because i'm at work for the next two days. I've had some mixed fortune in the past few days. First of all my record player broke, i took it back to Argos where the woman behind the counter said i could only get a refund in Argos vouchers but she made a mistake and i ended up walking away with cash. I had also bought a pair of jeans on ebay but when they arrived they were extreme sniper's nightmare size. Basically the label said 32" waist but when i measured them it was barely 30". I casually mentioned this to the seller and got a rude and ignorant reply. Looks like i'll be selling them on myself.
It was only the possible threat of negative feedback that stopped me launching my own attack. Thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it. Sometimes i feel like i'm too nice or don't speak up enough when i should but some random on ebay may not be the best place to start. I wouldn't mind punching someone soon, i'd even take a few myself for the effort. This is not an open invitation to any meathead for a fight by the way.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What you saying?

I could get used to the quiet life if i was allowed. All i've done this weekend is chill out. I've been riding a couple of times but just solo and mostly just messing around, been on a bit of a drive today but thats all. I suppose it makes for pretty boring reading but i just write this, i rarely bother to read it much.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Titles are over-rated

"What happened to your dreams and aspirations blood? Now the highlight of your day is masterbation blood"

I'm not the world's biggest hip hop fan but do yourself a favour and listen to Plan B 'Missing Links'. It still surprises me when i find new music that i love. In the day and age of the Ipod sometimes it feels like you have all the music thats been made. It still gives me hope.

For the past few days i've been fucking sick as a dog. The bad shit started to happen on thursday morning when i got up for work and dropped my phone in the toilet. This was followed by a day of hard work feeling like shit. On friday i called in sick and went to see the doctor but all she did was make me give a piss sample and told me there is no cure for the flu! It never really got any better..aches, shakes, a crazy fever and bad cough and sore throat.
All which has left me sat here in two jumpers and a coat as well as two room heaters but still i'm cold.

Finally finished the roll in my Pen EE, a couple will be posted when i feel up to scanning.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Why do i chase when all i want is near?

Some colour shots from Dublin are up on my Flickr page for your viewing pleasure.

Originally uploaded by Paper Thin.

Films currently in cameras:
1 35mm colour in OM10
1 35mm colour in Pen EE

Films awaiting dev:
1 35mm Tmax 400 (uprated to 1600) from The Evens show
2 120 Tmax 400 from Dublin taken on Holga

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bubblin' in Dublin

The week in Dublin came to an end last night with a traditionally delayed RyanAir flight. Its felt amazing to have a week off. We spent our days walking around all the different areas of the city centre and our nights at a show or at a restaurant.
Henry Rollins was exactly how i thought he would be. Just hearing him speak was motivation. He's had some crazy experiences like traveling solo across Russia just because he had a free week and becoming a terrorist suspect in Australia for reading a book. Redneck Manifesto were intense to say the least. Their set lasted almost two hours and they ran through all the best songs from all albums.
One thing about Irish crowds were the amount they drank. It seemed like no-one ever sat still for more than two minutes. Plus with the smoking ban there was a constant stream of smokers coming to and from the door. I had one pint of the black stuff in a quiet pub but didn't really fancy another.
Got through a few rolls of film ofcourse and should be some posted later in the week.
Also while i was away got a bargain of a half frame camera from ebay so as soon as i put a film thru it i'll report back.