Sunday, April 23, 2006

My bad luck is getting worse

Unfortunately my run of misfortune continues. First of all my ipod has more or less died. I've tried everything i know...been on the website...trawled the help forums but no success. I even went to the Apple shop in Leeds but as soon as they realised i didn't buy it from them, they clamed up. In fact i almost satisfied my lastest urge to punch someone but stopped short. While in town i bought the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs record on vinyl in an effort to make the journey less of a waste.
Seeing how the weather had been so nice i decided to have a quick solo riding session down at route 2 this afternoon. Just when i thought it couldn't get any worse i had one of the most surprising incidents that can happen on a chain snapped just as i started to pedal hard. Basically i ended up in a heap on top of my bike totally unaware of what had happened but with amazing pains brewing in both my legs. All of which has left me with some kind of permanent dead right leg and a left knee thats swollen up so it ressembles a tennis ball.
I don't know what can happen next except a long day at work to look forward to tomorrow.

On a cheerier note everyone should go to and read what Brian Tunney has to say. He's definitely one guy one's got his head screwed on right.