Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bubblin' in Dublin

The week in Dublin came to an end last night with a traditionally delayed RyanAir flight. Its felt amazing to have a week off. We spent our days walking around all the different areas of the city centre and our nights at a show or at a restaurant.
Henry Rollins was exactly how i thought he would be. Just hearing him speak was motivation. He's had some crazy experiences like traveling solo across Russia just because he had a free week and becoming a terrorist suspect in Australia for reading a book. Redneck Manifesto were intense to say the least. Their set lasted almost two hours and they ran through all the best songs from all albums.
One thing about Irish crowds were the amount they drank. It seemed like no-one ever sat still for more than two minutes. Plus with the smoking ban there was a constant stream of smokers coming to and from the door. I had one pint of the black stuff in a quiet pub but didn't really fancy another.
Got through a few rolls of film ofcourse and should be some posted later in the week.
Also while i was away got a bargain of a half frame camera from ebay so as soon as i put a film thru it i'll report back.