Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm probably addicted to fruit cake

Last night i met Ian Mackaye. I shook his hand (twice) and mumbled a few words. I've respected and looked up to him for a while, he was everything i thought he would be, i guess you could call him one of my hero's.
To cut a long story short me and Katherine went to see The Evens play in Leeds last night. The show was in a church and we were all sat on the pews with the band at the front. It was an amazing performance and atmosphere. It made a change to be sat down and not have to worry about being crushed by a drunk crowd or have some meathead blow smoke in your face but the intensity of the music meant everyone was still buzzing at the end.

I'm off to Dublin on Monday for a few days. While we're over there i'm off to see Henry Rollins and then to end the week me and Katherine are off to see Redneck Manifesto, which should be a cracking night. There won't be any updates for a week or so but expect plenty of snaps when i come back.