Friday, March 17, 2006

Your not saying anything we haven't heard before...

Seeing how its the Against Me! gig tomorrow i'm listening to 'Searching for a former clarity' almost on full volume, that is when my speakers make up their mind to work.
Its a pretty routine friday night, which over the past few weeks involves sitting infront of a computer at home, alone, listening to music to avoid television and feeling completely wrecked after work. I swear if i did nine hours manual labour i'd be less tired it must be the act of forcing myself to be nice to customers that wears me down. I complain but there are advantages...i still have something to do with photography and i get to see other peoples photographs, which most of the time are shit but i deffo get my fair share of "interesting" shots.
I wish i enjoyed going out at night more. Maybe i over did it a little back in the day. A lot of times when i'm out it just seems like the only thing going on is everyone trying to out-do each other with stories of shitness. I'm as guilty as the next when i have a drink. The latter being pretty rare these days. I'm not gonna label myself as straight edge cause i'm sick of having to have a name or fit into a catorgrey just because you have a certain opinion. Plus tomorrow night you get £1 bottle at the gig and i'll be drinking it...might as well but it'll probably be my only drink of the night.
Its a weird time at the moment, kinda like i'm losing touch. Everyone's busy living their own life and time is flying. I don't activately fight the situation either..mix tiredness and laziness together and not much is gonna happen.

This kinda isn't the reason i started writing one of these blogs, so if anyone looking at this is wondering where the photography's the photos and it links to my Flickr Page which is wall to wall imagery.
And on that note hopefully i'll finish the roll in my T5 at the gig and get the roll of slide film i have dev'ed next week, so i'll have some fresh shit to post.