Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cut self not

The gig on saturday was amazing. The second support band came on and the these were the first words the singer said,
"Hey, we're Murder by Death from Indiana and we sing songs about the devil, drinking whiskey and cowboys."
At which point they're already won me over, they're set was over too fast and full of energy.
After that it was Against Me. It got very crammed near the front and the stage diving started from the first song. They didn't play as much from they're lastest album as i'd expected but it was one amazing song after another. I almost lost my voice from singing along and ofcourse got a stiff neck from all the head nodding!

Against Me!_1
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As predicted i finished the roll in my T5 and this is one of my favourite shots on it. This one was taken in a coffee shop in Windsor when we were escaping the cold. Click the image to see others and a few more from the gig too.

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