Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do artists use business cards?

Below is a little thing i made so i can give people my contact details. The first occasion they shall be in use is at Dean Clough Gallery on saturday at the Artist's Book Fair.
Its unbelievable how much i'd kill for a darkroom of my own right now. I want to experiment and spend hours practicing all the different techniques that i read about but at the moment i'm limited to an hour here and there at college when its not too busy. However, Ian at Silvertone is letting me do a couple of prints next week for a competition, which i'm really grateful for, but still i'm always aware that i'm probably in the way a little.

contact details
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Back to work tomorrow for another couple of days and then the weekend. If anyone knows anywhere in Leeds that serves free refill coffee or even better an American theme diner please let me know.