Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the elderly rock my world

Its been a busy last few days. We went to 'Focus On Imaging 2006' on Monday at the NEC. It was pretty lame cause there was only three booths that had anything to do with black and white. The best bit was a toning demo at the Ilford stand and had a bit of banter with the guy printing but other than that it was like monochrome didn't exist. Most of the show dealt with penis-extension telephoto lenses and how to buy a DSLR with more megapixels than you need.
After that we stayed at Katherine's house for a couple of days and then today i've had a solo four hour drive up the M1 so i can go to work tomorrow.
In other news been running a film thru the T5 and trying to get some people shots. Any gud un's will be up on my Flickr thingy when i finish the film.
And in complete random news did you know Andy Kaufman died on the same day that i was born. And neither of us are related to Charlie Kaufman btw.