Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rage On.


Sat here eating a Sunday lunch of apple, Wensleydale cheese, crusty bread and pickle, not sure my next door neighbour likes my choice of vinyl soundtrack, as since I put on Jurassic 5 the sound of football from his TV has increased in volume.

Have been 100% alone today. Katherine left for work before I'd even opened my eyes. Taking the chance to have a full recharge of the batteries, done a lot of riding this week, a lot of stress been put on me too - now time to drop it and focus on the next two weeks before we can unplug completely.

Again, continually surprised by how rude 'people' can be, perfect phrase to sum it up is; "Squeaky wheel gets the grease". Well not in my world, I'll give respect to those who respect me, I don't pander to the needs of others who have the power to help themselves, I also don't have time to listen to (or read tweets) about how great your life is - I'm not envious, I'm not happy for you - if I don't care about you I don't care about anything to do with you.
That sounds pretty horrible but when it comes to those who I do care about I would give whole days listening to them talk and bend over backwards to help them when needed - I just have a very tough selection process and not many people pass the test.

One a related subject I'm fiercely proud of where I come from and my upbringing, I have my values and they won't ever change.
Perfect example of what I'm talking about.

Could say so much more but who listens anyway.

Thursday, August 09, 2012