Sunday, April 09, 2006

Titles are over-rated

"What happened to your dreams and aspirations blood? Now the highlight of your day is masterbation blood"

I'm not the world's biggest hip hop fan but do yourself a favour and listen to Plan B 'Missing Links'. It still surprises me when i find new music that i love. In the day and age of the Ipod sometimes it feels like you have all the music thats been made. It still gives me hope.

For the past few days i've been fucking sick as a dog. The bad shit started to happen on thursday morning when i got up for work and dropped my phone in the toilet. This was followed by a day of hard work feeling like shit. On friday i called in sick and went to see the doctor but all she did was make me give a piss sample and told me there is no cure for the flu! It never really got any better..aches, shakes, a crazy fever and bad cough and sore throat.
All which has left me sat here in two jumpers and a coat as well as two room heaters but still i'm cold.

Finally finished the roll in my Pen EE, a couple will be posted when i feel up to scanning.