Monday, June 04, 2012

Stag Century.

Well over 100 miles door to door. Bacon Sarnies to start. Round Masham, over the moors to Pateley, up and down dale to Ilkley before along the valley bottom to home. Fun times out on open road. Pint of Theakston's Best in Masham. Before leaving Chris who still managed his longest ride ever. Unbelievably hard climbs past reservoirs on tops. Incredible descent to Lofthouse - almost unimaginable to climb it. Greenhow - bottom gear, seated all the way. Rewarded with the views. Beautiful roads in Wharfdale. Managing to score bbq food at ADF's sister's street party in Otley. Every rise getting a little harder to ride as miles tick by. Kearby cliff being a kick when we needed it the least. Finally getting home to a couple of Stellas, laughing about it already and planning the next one.

Photos to come.