Sunday, March 22, 2009

not done this in a while...

A little about me.
Somethings have always been true and some have only recently been discovered.

I get nervous.
Or more accurately I tend to have nervous thoughts about almost everything in life.
I once read that you only get nervous about things that matter to you, which I like to think means I only do things in my life that I care about.
Or I just worry too much.

I am stronger than I look. I have not found my limit on strength/perceiverance. With road cycling, and especially climbing, I thought I enjoyed the suffering, but actually the pleasure comes from overcoming the challenge, not the pain in doing so.

Teamwork is becoming a large part of cycling too. It doesn't matter if you're first or last everyone puts the same amount of effort in, looks out for each other, helps when needed or asked.

I have an inability to receive compliments. Yet, I love it when my hard work and effort is recognised in a positive way.

There are people in my life I would happily take a bullet for and at the same time there are others who I would shoot myself.

Inspiration is my biggest motivation. Speed is in the top 5, so is fear.

I find it hard to say the things that matter to the people that matter the most. I rely on my actions speaking for me too much.

I like to have 'nice' things, but don't like it when others judge you for having 'nice' things.

A little points system to finish off:

Tattoos of Birds.
The countryside.
Getting free upgrades in a 4* hotel.
New opportunities.


Knowing you could have done more.