Monday, March 02, 2009

They've got a lot more up their sleeves besides a dirty arm. Remember that.

I've started reading 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac again. I brought it back from SF last year but couldn't get into deeply enough to stick with it. My interest in the written word has increased as my efforts to produce my own work continue, my hunger for information and inspiration have found me searching many different styles of writing. Maybe my appetite for Kerouac's words is because of a steady diet of cycling literature. True stories based on facts are what interest me, and what I really want to write about but like my in photography, I feel like taking my own angle on actual events works better for me.

Another thing, I've been thinking about is being myself might actually be working for me. It sounds silly and obvious to write that but recently someone had a go at me for several stupid reasons, all of which boiled down to a slight jealously of how I live and act. I live my life how I want and never purposefully hurt or deceive. Why should I change that just because other people don't or can't live their own life without introducing drama at every turn. When you are yourself, the opportunities that come your way are the right ones to follow. If you're trying to be someone else then nothing will ever bring satisfaction to your life.

Also I really want more meaningful tattoos. I already know the design and location of the next one, just waiting to go back to America, or even better SF.