Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend Update.

"Can you hear it?
Are you sleeping? Or are you not at home, or are you not alone?"

Friday and Saturday was the Artists' Book Fair in Leeds. All in all, successful and worth doing. Had a couple of cracking nights with friends and family too, topped off with a night on the sofa at my parent's.

Sunday we went over to Manchester and spent most of the day in the velodrome. I had two hours on the track, the first was very painful and a reminder I hadn't ridden the track in months. The second hour was a lot better. I rode in a paceline for the first time on the track and even had the legs for some out of the saddle sprints.
As an added bonus I got my 'Blue slip', which means I can attend the improver sessions and learn skills that mean I will be actually working towards my accreditation.