Tuesday, April 21, 2009

French Fancies.

I woke up this morning in a shit mood.

Spent all day in a shit mood.

But sometimes the smallest thing can totally snap me out of it. I came home to two things in the post, the first was a postcard from a friend's holiday adventures. The second was two french newspapers sent by my girlfriend's Aunt. I had previously asked for them to read first-hand the coverage of this years Spring Classics.

Little things, which show there are people out there who still take the time to think of others, instead of the usual drama and bullshit I can't avoid at the moment.

"I've never had a dream in my life,
because a dream is what you want to do
but still haven't pursued.
I knew what I wanted
And did it till it was done.
So I've been the dream I wanted to be from day one."

Aesop Rock - 'Lucy'