Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Under a red sky.

It's funny how with so little effort your day can go smoothly or descend into madness. Today's activities were planned last night and with agreement for the other half, an evening 'cross training ride was penciled in. Work flowed, Red Bull consumed and just after six I rolled out the door into a warm evening.
An hour sprinting around the tracks, avoiding dog walkers and angry joggers, mainly practicing advice given to me by my betters seems to have paid off. I came away with the thought 'make the best of what you've got', I may not have the perfect place to ride on my doorstep but a little imagination goes a long way. I've always had a decent amount of power when riding off road but lacking confidence and technique means the speed isn't always there. That's slowly changing and with confidence in my equipment (even the brakes most of the time) I feel a little faster than last year.
This feeling carries over into quite a few aspects of my life at the moment and I don't always feel that way. In a way it get's easier when you don't focus too much on what's going on around you but make sure everything that matters is sorted. I'm definitely taking that attitude with a little travel arrangement currently. Transport, check. Accommodation, check. Everything else, we'll see.