Tuesday, September 06, 2011


There is not much more satisfying than learning and perfecting new skills. Tonight I have been mostly applying a second layer of glue on the rim and adding a first to a fresh tubular base tape, tomorrow night more glue will be added before I join the two halves together and create a bond that will see me through the season's racing.
Gluing tubs is a perfect example of a skill which seems impossible at first but when explained is very straight-forward, it just requires complete focus and attention to detail. At first I was a little messy, maybe not in total control but still got the job done. Now I'm on another level, learning from my own experiences and finding what works the best for me. There is always more to learn and I already know improvements for the future. The best part is being responsible for my own equipment, there is no blame just mistakes to learn from.

Talking of seasons I might even be around during the 'festive period' this year and get to race at Tod this year.

Todmorden Cyclocross 2011 from Maia Media on Vimeo.