Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't Panic

This is probably going to be one of those blog entries that rattles on a while because not only do I have some time on my hands to mull over several subjects but also I have some responsibility this weekend so am likely to be broken away from the task at hand.
Let me begin with thoughts of priorities. I think we live in a very confused time, I know money makes the world go round but as there seems to be less money around people are exploring other aspects of life. An example of this I encounter more than most because of my profession is the middle-aged man wanting to reinvent himself as a bike mechanic. I can't offer much in the way of explanation, but there are others too such as celebrity farmers and a rise of the here today, gone tomorrow 'bits and pieces' shops. I was told this week that there isn't actually less money today than in the past, it's more like those with it aren't spending or investing because there is less chance of a decent return. Personally I try to distance money from my decisions, sometimes it's impossible but most of the time it succeeds in making my life a little more enjoyable.
Back to priorities, I can see at the moment where I'm failing. I need to make sure I pay attention to the most important aspects and aren't too distracted by outside influences. I want to make sure I look after those closest to me, plan for our future and make sure we get the most out of life. If I had my way, it would be a Mediterranean way of life we followed, based on home-life, family, good food and quality rather than quantity.

Somethings I keep for the future, always planning.

For some people I would go to the edge of the world.

Almost time for tasting blood in the name of fun.
National Cyclo-Cross Championships

Over the next few days away from my usual surroundings I shall be doing a fair bit of equipment testing of my workman-like 'cross bike and wheels. There will be no reports unless of an spectacular success or failure.
In my mind if you want to make cyclocross sexier, leave the marshmellows and novelty at home and bring professionalism and hard racing.

Thinks that's enough, time to crack open one of my Dad's bottles of red wine, think about what's for tea, walk the dogs and prepare for the start of Strictly tonight.