Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weekend Warrior.

Is a cyclist, mainly found in the road genre of the sport. A funny character who is obsessed with so many niche aspects of cycling that actually riding can sometimes be a second thought.
They will always have advice and opinion, rarely their own, about equipment, training etc but dig deeper and it's easy to spot this information is not based on real-life experience. Their rides mainly are with similar minded 'mates' who ride Colnagos, Looks, Cervelos - these rides branded as social are more like a hammerfest, an ego-driven rage round the country lanes simply trying to show anyone and everyone you are fast or at least faster than them. Many now class these rides as training for Sportives. It is common to be passed by a solo weekend warrior simply without acknowledgement whilst he pedals 53x12 only for him to ease up and sit 50 yards ahead desperately trying to recover before you catch up with them.
They use the term 'suffering' to describe their rides, without exactly knowing why.
Some will be obsessed with either a country, a company or a Tour and refuse to acknowledge the existence of anything else.
They will often visit bike shops without actually buying anything but relying on the mechanics to fix any problems ill advised home maintenance has caused. Equipment choices are often based on what is PRO or what got 9/10 in CyclingPlus. Weight is always a factor. Clothing is not so easy to pin down, many wear top end gear but just as many mix and match pro team kits from throughout history. Full and bulging rear pockets are standard.
Usually neither commuters or racers, cycling is more a way of getting outside on a weekend, spending excess income and keeping up with the jones'.
They are never retired, retired weekend warriors play golf instead.
They are real cyclists and definitely should not be looked down upon, most do more mileage than average and realistically they will spend more money than most thus keeping the bike trade alive for a while longer.