Sunday, August 14, 2011

Strange times.

Think I may have been more tired than I thought, as I almost slept for 12 hours last night, which also meant the riding I wanted to do would have to be in the afternoon not morning. I left on my 'cross bike for what turned out to be a mostly on road ride, went in search of new woods but drew a blank. After somehow ending up in Boston Spa I tried the path back to Tad along the river only to end up in the middle of a flooded field full of angry cows. With any further trouble avoided I got home and cleaned my shoes and bike, only to start thinking about heading back out on my road bike straight away.
If anyone was watching it must have been slightly strange to witness. No more than 20 minutes after coming back home I left again on a different bike, only wanted a short loop and threw in some kind of intervals on a difficult little triangle of roads to mix things up. Best way to know you're riding hard enough? Taste blood? If yes then just continue on your way. Back home again with a little deja vu and the usual after ride routines. Now just typing this whilst watching the Swift's fly past my window against the setting sun. Mustn't grumble.