Monday, August 29, 2011

My War

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the stupid shit that goes along with life. Who's doing what, what's new and how we're all into the same stuff. But really it's all a distraction.
It was refreshing to get out in the wind and blast round the Knaresborough loop yesterday morning without a care about much. The downwind section into Little Ribston was so much fun I almost turned round and did it again, at a guess it was up around 35mph or there abouts.
An afternoon BBQ stretched into the evening, full of laughing till I cried, meat, an amazing dog and telling tales round a firepit. Then it was time for the second ride of the day - a midnight trip down the A64. It's unbelievably quiet without any cars and just a tad spooky with my headlight being to only source of light around.
Today was a classic recovery Monday mostly spent listening to Black Flag and sorting stuff for Katherine's birthday. If there is one thing in life that separates the men from the boys it's the appreciation of Black Flag. It ain't exactly easy listening and the Henry Rollins era vocals actually fill me with anger - in a let's get shit done way.