Sunday, August 07, 2011

The other way of doing things.

Cyclocross bootcamp Rabobank style.


More Boom.

Took the opportunity for some cx practice this afternnon inbetween the rain, bike fettling and household responsibilities.
I'm really happy with the bike apart from the ongoing battle to find the best brake pads to go with the CD finish on Open Pro's. My skills are on the dot - dismounts, remounts and carrying all spot on. The only thing missing is an area to ride which is expansive enough to work on technical bike handling. My little field has some lumps but the laps are way too short and not varied enough to simulate race course conditions. My have to think about a few options that involve driving to locations or at least a ride out and back.

Think I may have a man-crush on Lars Boom, judging by all these videos!

RIDE LIFE: RABOBANK'S LARS BOOM by broadbandsports
On the road Boom.