Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here are a few things I've been thinking or doing over the last couple of days;

Half thought I might be coming down with something because I've been so exhausted after work but then sleeping for 12 hours last night seems to have done the trick.
Didn't race today because I couldn't get myself there. Trying to think long term when it comes to racing without getting ahead of myself, now just want to keep off road skills going and mindset ready for a few more efforts before the season changes again.
Have been riding my hack to work. The Bob Jackson is in the spare room for the Winter, the Speedster is in Audax mode and playing about with the idea of a massive mod to the 'cross bike.
It's our first day off together in a while tomorrow, one objective is to look at suits. I want to look like it belongs on me rather than a monkey kicked through Top Shop.
Shot a roll of film in my beloved OM-1 today, all at F1.8. Going back to playing with depth of field and doing stuff that makes me happy.
Watched today's World Cup race whilst eating home-made guacamole and drinking one of those famous Belgian beers. The best thing was all the highlights of the Junior and U23 races - those kids just go right from the gun and don't look back.