Monday, October 03, 2011

Points mean prizes.

Yesterday morning I was questioning why I want to race my bike, then I went and did my first 'cross race of the season and remembered why.
From my point of view I had a really good race - slow start, didn't blow up half way through, picked up a couple of places each lap, only started to suffer on the last lap, had a minor mechanical on one of the very last corners when I rolled a tub but didn't panic, popped it back on and finished the race 36th out of 53 starters. The worst thing was feeling dehydrated because it was so hot but my bike handling was spot on when it needed to be. I have a few things I can learn from and improve but that's what it's all about.
This morning I got up and got out for a recovery ride, and last ride of the year, on the Bob Jackson. Caught up with a good friend and then filled in everyone at work with what happened during my race.
Now time to turn my attention else where...