Sunday, October 30, 2011

Floor it.

When I was finialising my plans for the trip to Belgium, it was important to get the right people on board and to find a date when we were all available. It came down to two weekends in October, both of which had Superprestige races happening on the Sunday. In the end we went earlier rather than later, this weekend was the other option manly because of the race in Zonhoven. Having just finished watching today's race it's obvious it would have been a cracker to be at but I have no regrets only ambition to be back there as soon as possible. The course is unusual, as it seems to be located in a huge sandpit. The action usually centres around a very steep sand descent that claims it's fair share of riders who are unlucky enough to come unstuck. Bart Aernouts came off the worst today but still finished the race, which was won by Niels Albert who rode away from everyone on lap one never to be seen again.

This is simply insane;

Had another chilled out Sunday, even got some D.I.Y completed, when it comes to home-improvement I'd rather get someone who knows what they're doing but I can now add minor electrics to my lists of can do's.
Tomorrow I have another list of things to do but out and about not at home. Hopefully it includes a minor improvement to one of my bikes.