Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just following orders.

I've just read these words; Anyone can be cool - being awesome takes practice. I personally couldn't agree more, it's never been easier to align yourself with the latest trend without ever understanding it and this can lead to once obscure interests becoming 'watered down' to better fit in with the mainstream world.
A great example is bands who start small then get big. I have a friend who thinks the first album from any band is the best and all others after aren't worth listening to, I'm not so sure on that one but I love bands who did a few albums etc but then split or just don't exist anymore. This means they can't spoil what made them great for me in the first place. One in particular that springs to mind is "Small Brown Bike", they can do no wrong because they're not around anymore. Their music will always mean something to me I can't really explain - it's the sort of stuff I listen to now when I've had a day where all I wanted to do was swear at folk but shut my mouth instead.
I can come up with so many bands that have gone the other way but there's no use being negative all the time.

The first Condor bikes arriving in the shop.
Knowing people on the inside.
Tips on DVD quality footage.
Maybe planning another trip sooner than I thought.
Genuine people.

Getting dicked around.
Seeing what I love to do change.