Thursday, April 05, 2012

Secret muscles

I'm a lot like my Dad in many, many ways. One recent addition to the list is developing what I once called secret muscles. Neither my Dad or I are particularly 'built' or work out but a big childhood memory for me was his ability to lift, throw or generally control anything. Being farmers I'm talking about lifting bales of hay or straw and controlling a head-strong bull, for an quiet unassuming man he was stronger than I could even imagine. Another distinctive memory was watching him trounce the other Dads in a school sports day, welly boot throwing contest - again a quiet, competitive streak, another thing on the list.

This week I have;
-noticed the effect my recent riding has been having.
-found out one of my all-time favourite bands released another album.
-stood up for myself and what I believe, even when fools have been testing me.