Sunday, November 13, 2011


The hardest part of a solo ride is starting. For a change this morning I got a lift with Katherine when she went to work, this meant I had to be up and out of the door with no room for hesitation. Looking at the weather it was tempting to get back in bed but my body and mind were crying out to ride.
The best thing about cycling, in my opinion, is riding. Not commuting, training or racing but riding for the sake of it. I prefer to either be in a pair or solo, any more than that and it gets messy, these days even finding one other person is difficult but then again I haven't just ridden in ages.
Today was a belter. Revisited a couple of old favourite climbs including Church Hill in Crayke before my traditional route back from Easingwold - over the scary bridge, past the posh school, cross two busy roads and then wind down back into Tad.

I'm reading one of my favourite authors at the moment. He writes about life and cycling so well by just addressing the little moments so many others overlook. It's great when you find a book you could read all in one go but decide to take it one chapter at a time to make it last.