Sunday, November 20, 2011


I love the style of Under-23 racing. Full of attacking, no fear and usually a fair number of offs.

It's been a strange weekend so far. A good day in the shop yesterday, quiet enough to mean a couple of us had time to address some personal projects. What began as a joke has now taken a life of it's own and has gone too far not to see the light of day - already looking forward to riding next year. I have a page of scribbles, full of ideas based on changing one of my existing bikes for a slightly different use.
Today, with the day to myself, I got to watch Kevin Pauwels have back to back wins and still got my fair share of jobs done.

Rabobank are deep in the game;

Really looking forward to the return of Lars Boom in December for his usual dabble in the mud in preparation for the Classics, and then it all starts again!