Sunday, November 27, 2011

Knowledge and stuff.


I respect knowledge and experience but care little for opinion. In my dealings in everyday life I come across less knowledge based on 'hands-on' experience but more and more people prepared to spread what they think or have read as their input into a particular situation. In my mind this is wrong.
For example, if you want a wheel built for a specific purpose it's best to find someone who has built A LOT of wheels before - for YEARS they will have learnt what does and does not work from experience and their advice will be clear and helpful. On the other hand, you could listen to the multitude of conflicted opinion that exists and pick out anything that you consider right. Often this is simply recommendations of a certain product that is in favour at the time but without the reasoning why it works better than anything else. If you're lucky you'd get a good set of wheels or you could end up with a mess someone else will have to fix - usually someone who knows what they're doing better than the random opinion that hindered the initial process.

That may all sound rubbish to most of you. The thing is the people with experience don't necessary shout about it, they go quietly about their business while other 'flash in the pan' merchants come and go around them. This applies to every walk of life, I use the bike world as my example because that's my world but it happens everywhere.
Back to the opening lines of this entry.....we do all start equal but it's how we behave and handle ourselves that gives us our status not an online persona with n friends.

Give it four to five years and it'll be 'Here come the Dutch':

My Sunday's are falling into a nice routine recently. They start with catching up on sleep till mid morning, breakfast and shower then down to the supermarket. When back home I have an hour or so to do some jobs then sit down watching the weekends racing live while eating dinner before some online time till Katherine gets home for tea and a relaxing evening.