Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sleeping in other people's beds.

And by this I mean experiencing other people's way of life and culture. We have traveled round various households this festive period and seen how our family and friends live their lives.

Currently we are snowed in at my family home in Bradford. The most snow I think I've ever seen in my life has fallen overnight and this morning, could resist building a snowman, but almost did my back in doing it. Ended up with a creepy six foot fat snowman in the middle of the front garden and have already done the portrait shots.
It's quite peaceful being cut off from the world. We have food, an open fire to keep us warm and rubbish telly to occupy us if the need arises.

Haven't felt the need to do any resolutions for the New Year, don't need to crowd my mind with empty promises when I know actions speak louder than words anyway.