Sunday, February 01, 2009

Progress by Stealth.

The words above were mentioned in a documentary I watched this morning. The subject was Savile Row. The street in London, which is famous for bespoke and very expensive tailors.

I didn't think that I would have much in common with a Savile Row tailor but I was wrong.
We are both trying to sell a product without obviously promoting it. They rely on word of mouth and returning custom to sell their suits. A concept I am trying to utilise in showing my work to more people but only in a manner in which I am comfortable with.

I always want to take photographs that aren't easy produce. I want to take care and pride in my work, and I want it to last. To be owned by people who appreciate it.
Using film might take longer. It maybe more hit and miss. It maybe less commercially viable, but I don't mind. To me film is real, it is traditional, it takes skill to use and you have to learn from your mistakes. Most importantly it takes time.

I'm not disappointed that digital has taken over the photographic world, in a lot of ways it is much needed progression. What I am disappointed in is the devaluation that traditional film photography suffers.
I see hope though. Photographers still using film and producing amazing pictures, groups still loyal to traditional methods and publications still promoting the message.
Film is not dead.

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