Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Bike.

This is the latest addition to our stable, it's a Ridley alloy audax frame with carbon forks. The plan is to build it as a single-speed commuter for Katherine. Just keeping it simple and not too heavy, but so it's more comfortable for longer rides than the little shopper she has now.

Another Bike.
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Besides a couple of events, it has been the quiet week we needed. The Whymybike exhibition is now up at CityScreen in York. It's the culmination of a year long anonymous project, so it's a with a mixture of pleasure and relief that I can see the results on the wall and the end in sight.
The snow has caused us less problems than many areas of the country but it has stopped me doing any serious road miles for a week or so. February always passes quickly, being the shortest month, yet I can't resist the feelings of hope that a few extra minutes of daylight brings. Spring is coming.