Sunday, February 03, 2008


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This weekend I finished building up my Bmx, basically it's all the parts from my old bike on a new frame.

Sunday night sometimes leaves a strange taste in my mouth. Traditionally this was the night when homework was done before going back to school meaning the short lived weekend was over. Now I'm in a job it has become the night on my one regular day off a week. It always feels like an inbetween time, no longer the weekend but not yet time to work.
When I was unemployed Sunday's were fine. An old friend of mine once said.
"Weekends are meaningless to the unemployed."
It was actually Friday night that I disliked in those days, but thats a whole other story.
A remedy for the 'Sunday Blues' is a drainage ditch that lies somewhere in Dewsbury but if I told you where me and Rob would have to kill you.