Sunday, February 04, 2007


They say good things happen in three's, so i guess i got mine.
-Moved out of the flat, without a hitch
-Got a job
-Off on holiday tomorrow
Some details, did the 'move' in a couple of days with the help of my Dad and a van. It wasn't the amount of stuff to move that was hard but the six flights of stairs you had to go up and down each time. Thursday morning cleaning took place and the whole flat shined like a new pin. It almost made us forget about the problems but not quite. Friday bond check when off quick and easy, all over in five minutes.
So the job. A couple of months ago i applied for a job doing car photography but heard nothing so forgot about it. Last week i get a call out of the blue to have an interview with the area manager. Nailed that, got the job. Basically in entails weekly visits to car dealerships to photograph their new cars. Should pull in enough to make it a good earning part time and as its regular i could get another job to fill in the rest of the week. Training starts on the 19th and i start for real soon after.
Tomorrow Katherine and i are flying to Madeira for a weeks holiday. Chill out, forget about shit, do nothing and come back ready to go again. Its first time i've had a holiday in the sun, instead of a city break, so i've got my swimming short and sun cream at the ready.
Everything else has just been slotting into place. I painted my fixie frame and forks the other day, a sweet dark blue, they're hardening off over the holiday and then being built up straight after. I woke up at three o'clock the other morning and it was beautiful outside, so i've decided one night i'm gonna get up in the middle of the night take my bike into town and ride everywhere while its deserted.