Wednesday, June 28, 2006

As the flashes blinded us in the photobooth

Ok then, i've only got a couple more days of home based internet access left and then i'll probably be reliant on the library in Headingley. At the moment i'm up to my ears in half-packed cardboard boxes and lists scrawled on every bit of available paper. I'm not taking all my stuff with me, seeing how we'll be living locally, my old room is being used as storage for a lot of crap that has been decided as not important enough to carry up six flights of stairs. However i still have more than i thought i would and combined with Katherines stuff its gonna be a tight squeeze in our flat.
This blog will still be updated, maybe even more regularly than recently. LIving with the internet means it gets used more than i realise. All i actually need it for is to access emails and one or two other sites but i always spend hours on the computer at a time. Its about time i started living in the real world! Like i stated previously there is a website in the pipeline but don't hold your breath. A lot of images i take will find their way on to flickr, even if some people think its slightly unprofessional to put them up. I prefer to think of it as a 'warts and all' view of my work. I'm a modest person but consider myself pretty good with a camera, sometimes it takes a lot of duff ones to get a gud'un so why not show everything and let the audience decide?
In the last couple of days i've visited a couple of exhibitions. Some of the images have been great but again i've seen some shocking artist's statements that have ruined a series/piece of work. It seems like the next generation of photographers would rather explain their work in words than let the images talk for themselves.
Last night Katherine, Vicky, her brother and me went to see Death Cab for Cutie play at Leeds Uni. The show was awesome and they sounded great but its a complete sweatbox in that joint. It almost detraacts from the music because you get that uncomfortable its hard to concentrate.
After finishing a SnappySnaps earlier in the month, i still haven't found a new job. I'm trying to put in some effort so maybe i could earn some money thru photography. The best case scenario would be a few comissions a year with a quiet part-time job so i still have a regular income.
This is the last update before we move on saturday so if anyone fancies lending a hand it'll be much appreciated.