Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Peep Show

Peep Show
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My girls' gone back down south for a few days, so i'm left living the life of a misunderstood/solo/tortured artist. Tonight i've cut out thirty prints that i'm making into flyers and am about to try and finish them off with some text. I'm also up for some experimentation so gonna try a few portraits and try to push a colour film. The portraits i'm going for are quite personal and are of a close family member, they might remain secret but if they ever become public it'll be here first.
The Black Dogs book launch was very interesting last week, cheap drink and bring your own food. Alongside some pretty experimental music from girls in their knickers and capes! Then on the friday night we went to Vicky's degree show. It was a reflection on where photography is going recently, Vicky's were the only black and white prints in the exhibition and most of the colour work was digital. Another little thing that came to my attention was a few of the artists statements detracted value of the work. Its hard to explain but most of them explained the work too much. I've always been a fan of knowing what the photographer was thinking when taking the shots but i guess if the idea isn't that great in the first place then deconstructing it isn't going to do any favours.
I thought i had a lot to write but i'm struggling. I've been listening to too much Bright Eyes recently, music best described as 'death bed theme tunes' good just a bit sad.