Monday, July 17, 2006

Landlords are more evil than accountants

Its been two weeks of crazyness since my last post.
Last week one of my Grandmas passed away. Life has been completely upside down since and i'm still not sure i'm back to normal yet.
Moving in has had its fair share of problems including the bank paying my rent twice, landlords lying to us every time we talk with them, some of the flat being incredibly dirty when we moved in and being threatened with legal action because the previous tenents decided not to pay their bills. Most of that thankfully has been resolved and we've even been promised that the painter is starting work tomorrow.
As some of you may understand i haven't felt like taking many photos recently. I had a portfolio review at Pavilion in Leeds and got some positive advice. As soon as i get a paycheck coming in on a regular basis i'm planning on setting up a temp darkroom in our tiny bathroom to see if i can get some prints produced.
There will be some more photos soon.