Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tread patterns.

I have always been a little too interested in the tread patterns of my bicycle tyres, whatever bike it may have been at the time. Recently my passion for BMX has been stirred again, nothing is as fun as cruising around town on that small bike, it immediately puts you at odds with 90% of society and means the riding never gets overly stressful.
My most recent cycling discipline of 'cross reminds me a lot of BMX with a bit more competition thrown in, while also breeding tyre and tread pattern experts too. With all this snow and no off-road bike I'm finding myself longing for dry roads and steady winter miles, whatever aspect of cycling you're into it's the same:
You only get out, what you put in.


Dugast Flying Doctor Pippestrello file treads in WHITE.
The colour green.
Two more weeks before the days start getting longer again.
Getting Christmas shopping done early.


Minus temperatures.
Not feeling like you're getting the full story.