Saturday, June 05, 2010

The perils of a training ride.

Our Saturday morning training rides has almost been a continuous, and quite uneventful, feature of 2010, starting off in the snow then ice and making it safely through the Spring showers. So today on a beautiful Summer's day it was quite a surprise that we had two crashes.
Firstly a small slow motion touching of wheels that had spectacular results with a full over the bars dive. The kind where the rider picks themselves up and looks for the damage, as the rush of adrenalin manages to block any pain for a short moment before quickly wearing off to reveal the full extent of the problem.
Everyone involved continued onwards undeterred, we all stayed upright for about 20 minutes when another rider had a very professional looking fall. A small bump in the road and a loss of balance and said rider was soon sliding across the road on his arse following his bike into the verge. It was one of those crashes which burns most of the shorts and then the skin straight off.
Again we all continued and all finished the ride together without incident, thankfully.