Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another race. Another step forward.

Last night saw my second road race, a 4th Cat crit on a closed circuit near Tockwith. After my first race, my aim was to actually finish this one. I lined up with a few club mates and after a quick neutral lap we hit the line for a flying start.
I tried to avoid the back of the pack and moved in to the front half, the pace was high but manageable with most people riding sensibly. As the race progressed a couple of rookie mistakes, mainly braking too hard, saw me move to the back of the field but never in trouble. I found the right wheels to follow and never felt in danger of being dropped but I was very relieved to see the lap board counting down each lap. On the last lap the pace increased but I finished in the pack, giving my all for the sprint for goodness know what place. The feeling of finishing was amazing and like another step to being a fully fledged racer.