Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing lasts forever, except you and me.

It's a sad and uneasy feeling. Not caring.
I don't have too much responsibility in my day to day life, so the last few days of being at my parent's has been a complete change. A combination of house sitting and being in charge of the business means my day is full of jobs before it's even started. At the same time any free time becomes more precious and valuable as a result. It's a rewarding process being busy with jobs that matter and add up to something more than just being paid for your time, throw in the fact that I managed to see some family and friends and it's been a pretty good time.
I actually like the person this mean I become too. Responsibility seems to bring out a good side in me which gets on with things, has less numpty moments and has a strength that I rarely use in my 'normal' life. The lack of someone else to ask an opinion means I trust my decisions, an empowering feeling.
All this is not to say I actually change when I'm here, but life becomes slightly more black and white instead of a millions shades of grey. The lesson for this week is to transfer this attitude to York based activities. We'll see.